Every time I sit down to write a newsletter, I get little overwhelmed. So I go through my notes from the past few days or weeks, to see what jumps out and might be worth sharing. I write, mostly for myself, and very definitely, irregularly..
As a matter of fact being irregular is the most regular thing you can expect from me. Always. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do try to develop some habits. Every self help book tells us how our body functions the best when we have a routine! I do not dare to dispute these wisdoms.. but I also happen to know maybe it doesn’t work like that for everyone and that is ok too:)

But back to the elephant in the room – it’s almost Christmas!! The excitement and over expectation of eternal love, that sometimes ends up in stress and overwhelming unmanageability to prepare the presents for everyone, is definitely there..

I also tend to get super reflective around Christmas- Have I achieved enough? Have I worked hard enough? Have I travelled or seen enough? And somehow I still think that affirming these makes me a better person. Than who, I also ask myself..

Chronic comparisons and yet none of these achievements mention the way one treats another, is available, contributes to the society or is a good friend, daughter, father, and I could go on and on.. and does considering these other questions entitle me to feel like I am more?

Or maybe, as I am writing this, it occurs to me, we could let go of the ‘end of the year  ‘ticking off’ the boxes’ all together:) 
It is my Christmas present to myself this year, and the one I would like to share and give to you too. Why don’t we lessen the mental pressure of grading our life and just enjoy the moment because everything is exactly as it needs be. 
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and happy holidays! 

Thank you for all your support, positive words, constructive criticisms and buying the artwork so I can keep creating and sharing all the beauties I see, more.

Lots of love, 

Dani xx