“When I don’t like something or when it’s not fun anymore,
I should just stop doing it.”
B. (in recovery)

Before you sigh to yourself.. possibly roll your eyes… and breath out the ‘duh!’..
Just give me 7 more seconds of your attention and if that doesn’t work, thank you for opening this post at least 🙂

I had a sitting with a young man who is in recovery from gaming addiction on Sunday. He said incredible amount of profound thoughts and reflective observations about his past, as well as what obstacles one might face when dealing with addiction to video games, that’s commonly (and shamingly) considered, in his own words, ‘just a children’s game’.

He finished with the quote above as being his new life motto. His courageous new resolution made me little bit teary. It sounds so simple.. it IS very simple, yet we can make it so difficult for us.

Why do we stay in situations, jobs or relationships that make us unhappy? Where we might be continuously getting the short end of the stick? What beliefs make us think that’s the only option?
Universe gives us what we ask for. I know it. I sometimes fucking hate it. Because it means that I have all the power within to make choices and live a life that fulfils me and makes me happy. 

I love working one on one with people I paint. I haven’t done a sitting for over a year now ( I know, shame on me) and it reminded me what a humbling experience it is. Everyone has something to say, and each story is so unique, inspirational, beautiful, relatable, different, normal or crazy.. whatever it is.. our individuality must be celebrated, like every day!

And so back to my, what I recently started calling a ‘broken- heart syndrome’ .. As much as it’s a  part of life and great for personal growth, it’s a feeling that should pass.. not an ongoing state of mind we chose to stay in. So indeed, if you don’t like doing something, just stop doing it! (or try for a week;) And we can all live happily ever after.

Lots of love and beauty,

Dani xx