P1080403I just realized I haven’t really written anything for a while…and my sincere apologies for that!


I have been away for few weeks on a well needed break. As much as I LOVE what I do, it’s always good to get away for a little while, get some prospective and new inspiration. I went to NY where my trip started grandiosely by meeting one and only Mr Brainwash who is as charming in real person as he is in all the media 🙂

For the rest of it I saw many many galleries in Chelsea area, visited MoMa and Yoko Ono’s exhibition, so full of emotion and love it still gives me goosebumps, Whitney’s museum and all the rest, let’s not forget about Brooklyn, oh yes, Morbid Anatomy Musuem? why not, as well as many other randomnesses.

I am happy to be back now. I feel rested, and I cannot wait, I still have many people to meet, interview and paint and I am so excited to see the outcomes, I will be in touch again soon <3