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Addiction, no matter of the substance, is a terrible disease. Eating disorders alone have the highest mortality rate amongst mental illnesses. I knew all the facts already; nevertheless I never considered I would be experiencing the consequences. Yet I am sitting here writing those few words in the memory of my friend who took her life only a few weeks ago.

I was debating with myself whether to write this or not and then I thought there are many people who will be able to relate and those who don’t, it may inspire.

As her brother sais in his reflections she ‘was a beautiful flower who found herself within the unforgiving grip of a terrible addiction’..

She was a beautiful person in and out and I will remember her for all the kind words, support and smiles she shared with people around.

As the saying goes, we can’t change the past but we can create our future. It’s about how we take our experiences forward and try and help those around, one step at a time. I would like to urge everyone to support charities like Beat and others who help addicts and their families as well as encourage further research into the illness. There are many who have successfully dealt with their addictions. It’s imperative to encourage, educate and empathize, so sufferers have better chance of creating happy and fulfilling life for themselves and this is exactly why I chose to work on my project, to hopefully inspire other people that the change is possible.

For more information about it please follow this link. Beat has also completed a new research about the ‘Costs of Eating Disorders’ available to read here.

My friend has found her peace now and I am sending her all my love and hope that in her memory, more can be done to help the others who are still here.