“Delusion is the root of all suffering, not just in his own mind but in the minds of all beings, and that sentient beings are not inherently bad, just ignorant.” Ngawang Chotok

‘Capital’ is a solo exhibition that is a continuation of Raytchev’s ongoing work centred around addiction. It intends to educate and open up the conversation about addiction and/or recovery.
The show takes its title from the term recovery capital, which refers to “the breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon, necessary for an individual to initiate and sustain recovery from substance misuse as well as make behavioural changes.”

‘Capital’ will further develop and explore the theme of addiction in a positive, empowering way, giving hope that change is possible as well as helping to lose the stigma surrounding this subject.
The new series of abstract portraits of participants who are at different stages of their addiction/ recovery will disclose their recovery capitals as well as their continuously changing journey they are on.
The project covers range of people from various backgrounds and the whole spectrum of addictions (from alcohol, drugs and food, to sex, love, work, shopping etc.) showing that no matter of what the behaviour or substance is, addiction is still the same illness.

The paintings will be accompanied by a sound installation piece done in collaboration with very talented British musician, producer and director Richard Strange.

To hear the sound samples please follow the links below:



The artwork is underpinned by research from King’s College Addiction department overseen by Dr Kyle Dyer. It will show synaptic transmissions and neuroadaptation mechanisms. Addiction is a long learning process and brain has the power to restructure.

“Instead of recovering, it seems that addicts keep growing, as does anyone who overcomes their difficulties through deliberation and insight.”
Marc Lewis, The Biology of Desire: Why Addiction Is Not a Disease